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bonbuz is the first functional alcohol-free social spirit that's full of high vibes and free of alcohol. designed to stimulate the mind, shift your mood and connect more deeply, we pack a vibrantly bitter punch, with a nostalgic cola nose, and a careful combination of tart citrus, and earthiness.

  • alcohol-free
  • sugar-free
  • gluten-free
  • natural stimulants
  • 5 calories / serving 
  • made in LA and sourced locally wherever possible

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 36 reviews
    I srsly L O VE this stuff

    I was beyond surprised by how much I liked this beverage, WOW. I tried it straight, mixed with Topo Chico and lime as well as mixed with one of those Cann cannabis drinks. EVERY WHICH WAY WAS FABULOUS. I love the full blown experience of both the taste and the feelings it gives you. It’s the perfect amount of buzz to make you feel like you’re glowing. Highly recommend and I’m picky af - I’ll ABSOLUTELY be purchasing again!

    Steele Solid
    The taste!!

    Must mix this stuff. Unless you can drink gin straight this is right up your alley!

    Get tonic water, melted cane sugar and Rosemary sprigs. Still doesn’t taste great but heh.

    Buzz was weird. Would not drink more than one.

    Willy Nick
    Amazing alternative to alcohol!

    Tastes great as a mixer. Does give an effect if you have a few beverages. Closest thing I have ever seen to a booze alternative. Have already bought additional bottles!

    Love it!

    I love it and it’s a great afternoon pick me up towards the end of the day when everybody else is talking about happy hour. I do wish there was non caffeinated version though

    Krizia Vargas-Garcia
    Love in every sip

    This was precisely the product I was looking for. I love my non-alcoholic options that don't try to mimic the drinking experience (shout out to my big jug of water) but every once in a while I craved the feeling of having a nice cocktail in a fancy glass. I wanted that special occasion feeling without the alcohol and Bonbuz delivered just that. I love the taste and it mixed perfectly with bitters & syrups. Heads up, if you're not a fan of ginger this is not for your. I have a pregnant friend that was not a fan because of the strong ginger taste.