all the buzz
none of the booze

drink bonbuz for a calming, uplifting feeling without the haze of alcohol

buz me in plzz

alcohol free • naturally stimulating • low / no sugar free • gluten free • low calorie • buz ≠ booze • functional ingredients • small batch • never hungover

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good daze only.

Tune in to your inner wildness + social hype minus the alcohol, toxic additives, and hangovers. Here to electrify drinking culture, our active ingredients heighten your senses and transport you to a deeper mind-body experience.


We're pioneering the future of drinking for that feel good buzz. Through the natural power of nootropics, adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms, our bold concoctions offer focus and energy while calming the nervous system for a night on the town or a productive afternoon.

Get Buzzed


  • its what’s inside that counts

    The proof is as much our ingredients as it is the fact we throw absolute legendary alcohol-free bangers.

  • be one smart cookie


    Compounds, like 5-htp, Maca, GABA, Theanine + natural caffeine that provide brain boosting benefits enhancing mental clarity, creativity and motivation.

  • get hyped and heal

    Amino Acids

    L-tyrosine, used in every cell of your body to build the proteins you need to survive and sustain bountiful energy levels.

  • g'bye bad vibes


    The healing herbs like pyridoxine-HCL, a vitamin-b6; ginger root + rhodiola rosea help expand your mind and body’s natural ability to handle stress + fatigue.