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an alcohol-free spirit with a bitter bite :)

let’s be honest, drinking culture needs a radical shift + that’s why we got you!!

bonbuz stimulates the mind + body by delivering the natural power of adaptogens, nootropics and amino acids for social hype + lucid moments without the toxic additives and hangover.

amplify your spirit + reclaim your spot on the dancefloor [when it’s a thing again] and be transported back to the good daze with every sip.

your taste buds will tingle with our super fresh and vibrantly bitter palate :) 

i want some!!


compounds, like 5-htp + natural caffeine from green tea that provide brain boosting benefits enhancing mental clarity, creativity and motivation.

amino acids

l-tyrosine, used in every cell of your body to build the proteins you need to survive and sustain bountiful energy levels


the healing herbs like pyridoxine- hcl, a vitamin-b6; ginger root + rhodiola rosea help expand your mind and body’s natural ability to handle stress + fatigue

alcohol free • sugar free • gluten free • 5 cal per serving • functional ingredients • sustainably produced • never hungover

like a bolt of lightning that strikes the palate, it's love at first bite - a smooth, rich balance of sweet botanicals pucker the tongue and leave the mouth feeling ooh la la. 

brit june co-founder of Thread of Fate & Electric Lupine

a quality libation that allows you to be social without the haze of booze. for those who crave the environment of a bar, restaurant or party, bonbuz will soothe your palate, tickle your senses and leave you feeling present.

jot condie CEO, California Restaurant Association