A Brand NEW Buzzz Is Here...

The Birth of Our First bby

3 years ago, our oldest child, OG was born into the world. As one of the first and most *buzzy* functional non-alcoholic spirits, this was a massive feat. Since then, and after having dropped a few more bonbuz baddies, we've returned to our first born to improve the one that started it all.

Evolving With You: The Glow-Up

We’ve designed Bittersweet Citron with the requests of our customers in mind. Originally designed to pack a punch (just like alcohol), we used bitter profiles like gentian to mimic the intensity. Whilst a lot of people love it, we also realize that we want to be inclusive to more of you, so you can keep drinking higher vibe products that make you feel good and... live longer! So we've (ever so slighlty) softened the bitter blow by adding agave and yuzu extracts that also create more dimension. 

Say Bye Bye To Artificial Preservatives

It’s not easy to formulate a non-alcoholic drink without the (not so natural) preservatives like sodium benzoate or potassium sorbate. It’s why they’re so ubiquitous in the non-alcoholic beverage industry. We recogni
zed that these non-natural ingredients were holding back our formulas, so after months of painstaking research and development, we’ve dropped synthetic preservatives in our new formula, Bittersweet Citron, in favor of rosemary and white button extracts. The natural antioxidants in these extracts preserve the freshness of our spirit without compromising on ingredient quality. 

A Feast For The Eyes and Taste Buds

Not only is Bittersweet Citron as tasty (if not more) as our OG spirit, but it's also aesthetically mind-blowing. The infusion of purple carrot extract imparts a deep luscious red color in the drink, making it perfect for creating highly intagrammable and tiktok viral moments. Our customers were the inspiration behind this fruity, sweeter moment, and we really hope you enjoy and indulge in it!

With all being said, Bittersweet Citron will release 12/13 on our website so keep your eyes open for the newest beautiful bb.

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