Bonbuz x Pop Up Grocer DC

Bonbuz x Pop Up Grocer DC

The news is true – you can find us on Capitol Hill! We’ll be passing bills and wearing suits. JK. We’re more viva la revolución and crop tops. But you can pick us up at Pop Up Grocer in DC May 6 - June 5. 


Founded by the stellar Emily Schildt back in 2019, Pop Up Grocer is your one-stop-chic-shop for the goodies you never knew you needed. Emily started Pop Up Grocer to prioritize discovery over convenience. Which means walking into Pop Up is sort of like wandering through a candy store when you were a kid: lots of bright colors, alluring aesthetics, and novelty treats. Think about when you first discovered Bonbuz or another favorite functional non alc bev of yours. You were probs like, how does this exist?! Every product in Pop Up is curated to give you that feeling. It’s a world of wonder.

The products at Pop Up Grocer are for your body, mind, pets, and home. We recommend going to the Pop Up Grocer with a sense of curiosity. But if you want a sneak peek at what’s in store for you, here’s our shopping list:

  • Moonflowers – the best saffron for your heart, body, and taste buds
  • Opopop – #1 treat to sneak into the movie theater…but u didn’t hear that from us
  • Salento Organics – their cacao + Bonbuz slowburn = sexy night in
  • TBH – for the perf toast to pair with ur afternoon Bonbuz
  • Toodaloo – someone invite us to ur picnic for some adaptogenic trail mix, pls

You’ll find our OG and Slowburn at Pop Up Grocer, so after you load up on your faves, you can go back to your place, mix it up, and sip to the sound of summer. We’ve even got the perfect cocktail to get you started. 

berry nice

  • 1.5-2oz slowburn (if you don’t feel spicy, replace with OG)
  • 1oz lemon juice
  • add a teaspoon of blueberry jam or any black jam
  • ½ oz simple (suggested not mandated)

shake everything together in cocktail shaker

double strain or dirty dump

garnish with 4 blueberries on a toothpick


Visit Pop Up Grocer DC

Union Market District

1262 5th Street NE

Washington, DC 20002

Open 10am-7pm Daily

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