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taste it all. get our latest flavor creation of bonbuz plus an OG to handle all your buzzy cravings, moods, and attitudes. 

bonbuz is the first functional alcohol-free social spirit that's full of high vibes and free of alcohol. designed to stimulate the mind, shift your mood and connect more deeply, we pack a vibrantly bitter punch, with a nostalgic cola nose, and a careful combination of tart citrus, and earthiness.

  • alcohol-free
  • sugar-free
  • gluten-free
  • natural stimulants
  • 5 calories / serving 
  • made in LA and sourced locally wherever possible

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Pam Holding
    Surprisingly spicy and refreshing!!

    Great taste and slow burn makes you sip slooow. Which is good. Very delicious!

    Sober Curious Reviews
    5/5 for bonbuz slowburn

    🌶️🍊 The heat is my favorite part. It's spicy enough to give your drink an initial kick and leave a little lingering burn in the back of your throat, but it's balanced out very well by the strong citrus of the orange and grapefruit - it doesn't overpower the other flavors. It helps the drink to feel "adult."
    🤯 I was also pleasantly surprised by the "buzz" it gave me. Thanks to the adaptogens and nootropics, I found myself feeling happier, more energetic, and more aware of my senses. I have tried other drinks with adaptogens before and never felt a very noticeable change in mental state, so bonbuz clearly found the right combo of ingredients. This does mean that you need to watch how much you have, though, and I've found that I also need to consider how much caffeine and food I've had prior in the day. The first time that I tried bonbuz, I hadn't eaten much and had had a lot of coffee throughout the day. After three servings of bonbuz over the course of 2 hours, I felt pretty wired and a bit uncomfortable with how strongly I felt sensations around me. I am naturally more sensitive to physical feelings than many others, so the amplification was just a little too much. I've since found that, for me, two servings of bonbuz (on a day that I've eaten healthily and not overdone it on the coffee) hits the perfect sweet spot of elevation.
    🥃 I have tried the rita burnz and jammy burnz recipes that they sent with the package and both were very tasty. I also enjoy it simply with sparkling water.
    👉 More NA reviews & recipes on IG @sobercuriousreviews.

    Amy Michele
    Thanks Bonbuz!

    Bonbuz is wonderful and I'm so happy to have discovered it. I wish there were more products like this. It's a tasty alternative for those of us who eschew alcohol but still enjoy sipping on a fancy drink. You have a new forever customer!

    Kera Haugen
    Bonbuz is a must for NA beverage choices in my cabinet

    I've already written a couple reviews, but I've had both versions of Bonbuz and love them both. You have to like a spicy beverage for the burn, which I LOVE. I am an alcohol free beverage person but like the flavor of alcohol containing drinks. THIS is THEE go-to for me. I've referred so many of my AF drinkers to this. Favorite among all NA choices.